graphite mineral sample

Established Graphite Producing Site

Fully Permitted Near-Term Producer

The Kearney Mine was first constructed in 1989 and remained operational through 1994, during which time it achieved a peak sustained production rate of 10,000 tons per annum of flake graphite product. The Mine has been under careful stewardship and maintenance since its closure. Under new ownership and management, the Mine is now undergoing a re-engineering and re-commissioning process that will lead to its reopening, bringing approximately 80 well-paying jobs to the area.

US$70M previously invested into asset

Operated from 1990 to 1994 with ~1Mt mined and processed producing ~17Kt of graphite concentrate

Testing completed in August 2013 confirmed 51.5 million tonnes of Measured and Indicated Resources (2.14% Cg average) and 46.8 million tonnes of Inferred Resources (2.0% Cg average).

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High Purity

Our  favourable flake distribution and high purity leads to premium product that commands disproportionately higher margins.

Natural graphite

Industry shifting to more natural graphite in anode mix from historical synthetic dominated mix

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North-American availability

More local and secure source materials availble for North-American battery manufacturers reducese transporation and shipping costs and has a much lower environmental footprint.

Easy Access to Market

The Mine is located less than 300 km north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is therefore ideally situated for ease of transportation of product to end-users in the North American marketplace.This location has significant cost and logistical advantages. Being located just 260km north of Toronto, Ontario makes the Kearney Mine a strategic location for its low freight costs, especially compared to projects located outside of North America as well as proximity to cheap grid power (power agreements in-process). 

graphite mineral sample
graphite mineral sample

Several positive factors will allow the Kearney Mine to reactivate production at a low cost:

Extensive Existing Investment in Operating Infrastructure: The restart of the Kearney Mine benefits from approximately $60 million in existing mine and mill infrastructure.

Large Deposit in a First-World Location: The Mine is located in an easily accessible location in Canada, a stable, first-world nation. This will help ensure stable and reliable long-term delivery of a consistent quality product to all customers.

Operating and Marketing History: The Mine has produced a product that is known and highly regarded in the marketplace and its processing facilities have been preserved in remarkable condition

Attentive and Focused Management: Ownership and management are well positioned to help ensure early and optimal future processing operations.

Easy Access to Skilled Labour: The Mine is in a central location, near Sudbury / Timmins and Toronto; close to equipment suppliers, construction services and skilled, experienced construction and operations personnel.